• What I Have To Offer: I have an 8 passenger white limo. Willing to trade limo time in. I do weddings , funerals Quinceaneras, sporting events, parties, long distance trips, casino runs, 420 tours, prom, graduations, or just nights out on the town. Open to all offers

    What I'm Looking For : Open To All Offers! Somethings in particular I am looking for are.....
    1. Car detailing.
    2. Mechanic Work.
    3. A Small Car/Truck
    4. Massage (non sexual) You do not have to be licensed, just good at giving massages.
    5. Personal Fitness Training.
    6. Sign language or Mandarin lessons.
    7. House Cleaning
    8. Sporting/Concert/Show Tickets.
    9. Any type of elephant stuff.
    10. Any type of Beauty/Health services- manicures, pedicures, facials, body waxing, fat reduction, tattoo removal, permanent hair removal, body wraps, skin tightening, etc, etc
    11. Auto body work.
    12. 420, wax, edibles, shatter, etc.
    13. Vitamins, protein powders, pre-workout drinks, post workout drinks, wheat grass, etc.
    14. Printing services.
    15. Restaurant /Good gift cards
    16. Pre-Cooked meals.
    17. Air purifiers.
    18. Chelation treatments.
    19. Water Cooler Dispenser.
    20. Acupuncture.
    21. Audio/ Stereo system/ speakers upgrade.
    22. Oil Change/ Tune ups.
    23. Bankruptcy Attorney
    ( For my friend)
    24. Small office space.
    25. Any type of Gift Cards
    26. Acupuncture.
    27. Helicopter Flights/Lessons

    So during the week I have a really good special for $50 per hour the weekends are $85 per hour. Just to give you an idea of what the exchange would be when we barter. So even a small trade , I would just take off your total bill. If it's more, than you just have a credit to use whenever you need it.

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