• 1. Technology Requirement of Hardware: 1) Display Size: ≥75 inches LED LCD screen. 2) Writing Technology: Infrared induction technology, min. 10-points touch. No need of special pen, writing by fingers or any other opaque object directly on the surface. 3) ?Support HID drive-free technology: Under Windows system, completely compatible to Windows multipoint protocol, point while touch, no interferes on each other. 4) ?Detachable touch screen: The touch frame with detachable button design, disassemble from front, no need to dissemble any screws or protection angles during maintenance. 5) Response speed: 1st point≤8ms,continious writing≤3ms,positioning accuracy≤1mm 6) Display scale: 16:9 7) Resolution: 1920x1080 (full HD) 8) Brightness: ≥450 9) Contrast: 2000:1 10) Visual angle: ≥178° 11) Sound output power: 2*15W 12) Video formats: PAL/SECAM 13) Front interface: 6-path USB (of which PC USB*4, USB touch*1?TV USB*1)?VGA input*1?AUDIO input*1?MIC input*1?HDMI input*1. 14) Input port: 2-path AV (VIDEO+R+L), 1-path RF, 2 HDMI, 1-path VGA/audio 15) Output port: 1-path AV/audio? 1-path TV stereo audio output? 2-path USB power supply?AC100-240V 50/60 Hz 16) Peripheral interface: 4 USB 2.0 port, 1 audio line input, 1 audio line output, 1 net interface, HDMI output 17) Power supply requirement AC220V±15% 50/60HZ ultra-low power consumption: 80 W. 18) PC configuration requirement With modularization design of computer, when the computer has malfunctions, the computer can be maintenance by plug type. To guarantee the compatibility, the computer module adopts to standard OPS-C structure, connection through standard 80-core OPS port with other devices. Port: 2-path USB2.0?2-path USB 3.0?1-path RJ45 network port, 1-path HDMI, 1-path LINE output, 1-path MIC input, support wifi. ?Machine appearance: Aluminum alloy front housing, circular arc safe plastic corner, light and thin design, thickness of the whole machine 29.7mm, thickness of computer position 67.7mm (thickest) ?Touch structure: touch screen PCBA part can be maintained by disassemble the infrared filter directly, no need to disassemble the front frame and corner or any other accessories. Display module: adopt 65 inch LED LCD display, brightness ≥350cd/m2, highest resolution 1920(horizontal)x1080(vertical) ?USB key at the front, dion cover key, dust proof and sweat proof design ?Touch part parameter: infrared sensitive technique, fingers, pens or any other opaque objects can be used sensitively, response time required the 1st point (hit): less than 8ms, continuous (writing): less than 3ms, cursor speed no less than 300 points/s, screen protection by 4mm tempered glass. ?Multi-point touch function: 16-points touch function (min. 10 points) for different operation system and WIN7, It is fully compatible with WIN7 multi-point operation protocol, and can recognize multiple people writing at the same time and many natural gestures. ?Multi-point touch module: Single point mode and multi-point mode switch function can be provided for different application requirements under different operating systems and WIN7 operating systems. ?Remote maintenance: Touch screen with built-in detection tools, convenience in self finding problems of touching, after sales engineer can provide the best after sales service and support remote detection and update service on touch screen. Qualification: 3C certification, ISO9001, ISO1001, CE, ROSE inspection report.

LCD touchscreen panel display for classroom teaching

  • LCD touchscreen panel display for classroom teaching
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