• Software functions: Operation mode: by any opaque object such as hand or pen, left-click, double-click, and support right-click, to write by pen, pick up the eraser to erased; Multi-touch support: double-point gesture can rotate or scale the object, and write in two different areas at the same time; Annotation function: it supports Word and PPT annotation, ink stains and graphics embedding, and PPT toolbar appears automatically under the full screen in PPT; Writing function: it has a variety of writing pens (hard pen, soft pen, brush, fluorescent pen, oil brush, crayon, color pencil, broad brush (specially developed for writing minority languages), and can edit the writing content (move, copy, delete, change the size and color, clone, unlimited clone, etc.). Whiteboard (blackboard) function: support the establishment of various board formats, i.e. whiteboard, blackboard, green board and musical notation, board for Chinese characters and other boards. Provide functions of screen occlusion, spotlight, photography, scraping, screen zoom in/out and etc. Recording (photography): supports saving screen contents (and sounds) as multimedia files that can be played back immediately. Multimedia support: support to insert common audio, video, pictures, FLASH and other multimedia resources; Support 3D resources, 3D text function; Object animation: support object zooming, moving, flying in and out, fading in and out and other animation effects; Chinese and English and geometric recognition function: non-third-party tool of Chinese and English and geometric automatic recognition conversion. Diagnostic function: it can monitor the working status of whiteboard hardware at any time, timely detect and make fault report, and facilitate after-sales service technicians to timely solve problems for users. Support for multiple operating systems: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista/Windows 7, etc.

Interactive electronic whiteboard for smart education

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard for smart education
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