• I have been doing this kind of work in Calgary since 2001 — upgrading parking lots, streets and driveways, using asphalt oil, dust control techniques, recycled asphalt, hot mix.  I also quote on concrete and seal coating.  If the job is bigger than the equipment I have, I hire well known contractors to help.   
    Jobs I bid on have typically 20 - 45 % profit margin  (Gross Profit/Revenue).  So the potential is very good.  Customers are open to paying the right price if they have confidence in you and your company. 
    In the last few years I have averaged around $100K net income from this work and only working 7 months of the year.  So there is ample time for holidays or travel… and developing customer relations in the off season. 
    The owner is selling for medical reasons and one month training will be provided to the new owner.

    Asset listing:

    Mack spray truck, tandem axle, 100 bbl tank (15,000 L), dual pumps, cab controlled spray bar $63,700
    2007 Dynamic DD Vibratory Roller $39,000
    2008 PTL, tilt deck trailer, with tool rack $12,000
    Hand Tamper $ 2,300
    Hand tools $ 3,000
    Website and IntangIbles $45,100

    TOTAL $165,000

    I have bid on 1.2 Million worth of business submitted in April/May of 2017. Approvals typically come weeks later. These project proposals represent about $400,000 of profit and if approved, can be completed in a 3 - 4 month time frame. In addition, a good relationship with Property Management companies will yield a lot of business. If managed properly, this business can yield substantial profits and work is done typically in a 7 month time period, each year.

    Will Trade for property or a boat.

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